0klman (0klman) wrote in urbansound,

DJ Series: MC Zulu Controls The Crowd From Behind The Mic

MC Zulu is a globe-trotting artist. He’s just back from shows in England and Zürich. His real name is Dominique Rowland, and he's the son of military parents. Zulu was born in Panama and after several hops around the world, the family settled into a predominately white Chicago suburb.
He joined Eight Forty-Eight to perform as part of part of the DJ Series: A Spinning Season, and was joined by DJ Searchl1te.
MC Zulu performs May 20 at The Abbey in Chicago. His EP Crowd Control is out now, and his forthcoming album Electro Track Therapy is out later this month.
Watch MC Zulu perform "Festival Madness" with DJ Searchl1te.

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